The Romeo & Juliet Project

Fall 2020

The Romeo & Juliet Project reimagines Shakespeare's timeless love story for the 21st Century through the iconic music of Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. The new musical takes place in the modern, war-torn metropolis of Verona as the newly-elected Chancellor Paris vows to destroy the progressive resistance and return the city to its traditional roots. Through an intricate weaving of Benatar and Giraldo's riveting rock anthems, inspired ballads, and new songs - an ethnically diverse, multi-cultural cast will explore how love and equality battle for survival in times of great transformation. THE ROMEO & JULIET PROJECT imagines peace in a divided world.

XR (extended release)

Coming soon!

Martin Gold's new musical tells the story of one family’s relationship to Adderall and similar pills intended to be used in the treatment of ADHD. With the fall reading behind us, next up is recording demos and (hopefully) a new work festival!