Orchestration / Reduction

As an orchestrator, I love finding unique sounds and textures for each project to support and further the storytelling of both original and re-imagined work. I tend to take inspiration from the time period and world of the show as well as incorporate unusual instruments whenever possible (and appropriate).

I have orchestrated on over a dozen shows, both as a contributor and as a lead/sole orchestrator. From original work to straight reductions to complete re-imaginings, I love it all!

My orchestrations, including a guitar-driven orchestration of Into the Woods, are all for sale. Contact me for more information.

Orchestration Reel

Footage courtesy of Transcendence Theatre Company and The Waa-Mu Show (Northwestern University)

"Promise Not To Tell"

from Another Way West

Promise Not To Tell (Cut).pdf

Featuring Meghan McCandless and Fergus Inder

Orchestrated by Mo Yeh

A quirky, uptempo number from The 85th Annual Waa-Mu Show: Another Way West

"No More"

from Into the Woods

No More (Cut).pdf

Featuring Elijah Warfield and Jacob Baim

Orchestrated and Arranged by Mo Yeh

An intimate, guitar-driven version from Stephen Sondheim's classic, Into the Woods

"Brute Force"

from For the Record

Brute Force from For the Record.pdf

Featuring Holly Hinchliffe, Sam LiVigni, and Freya Goldstein

Co-written and Lead orchestrated by Mo Yeh

An Andrews Sisters-inspired tap number about codebreaking from The 88th Annual Waa-Mu Show: For the Record


As an arranger, I love taking existing songs and re-imagining them into a different style or putting them together into medleys and mashups for various ensembles. I have arranged for wind ensemble, big band, a cappella, small ensemble, and pit orchestra.

"Let It Go /

Defying Gravity

Let It Go-Defying Gravity.pdf

Featuring Lexi Vollero

Arranged by Mo Yeh

A mashup of two of Idina Menzel's most famous songs

"Marry the Man Today"

from Guys and Dolls

Marry the Man Today.pdf

Featuring Ziare Paul-Emile and Alexa Moster

Orchestrated and Arranged by Mo Yeh

A big band-inspired take on Guys and Dolls

Fandom Medley for Horn

Fandom Medley.pdf

Recording starts at m. 176

Arranged, Recorded, and Mixed by Mo Yeh

A medley of themes from 18 TV shows and movies for 6 horns

Music Direction

Both as a music director and assistant, I love getting to work with an ensemble over the course of the rehearsal process to find their unique take on the music. My studies and experience at Northwestern in all aspects of theatre have taught me how to communicate and collaborate well with the many other departments it takes to put on a show.

Being a theatre music director requires so many hats - from score preparation to vocals to logistics to instrumental knowledge and so many more. When working with the rest of the music team, I thrive when filling in the gaps where other collaborators may not be as comfortable, making sure the team as a whole is as strong as it can be!

Technology / Software

From Mainstage to Finale, from Abelton Live to Logic Pro, I am comfortable with a large variety of music software. I use Mainstage to program almost all of my shows and have created both performance and sweetener tracks.

My experience with computer science and IT support have made me an adept learner and troubleshooter, comfortable picking up new technologies and creatively attacking problems until they are vanquished!

Other Skills



I have studied musical theatre and jazz composition and have experience writing for small ensemble, big band, orchestra, and musical theatre.


As an elementary school student, I followed in my older brother's footsteps and started playing the horn. Ever since, I have played in wind ensembles, orchestras, worship teams, and, best of all, pits!

I am comfortable transposing and playing off of lead sheets.

Recording from Northwestern University Philharmonia's performance of Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream, Op. 61, Intermezzo

Music Preparation

Marry the Man Today - Reed 1.pdf

I prepare all of my own parts and scores in Finale. The cleaner it looks, the better it will be played!